by Frank Pollard

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BROADCAST on THE BAPTIST HOUR, July 30, 1992, Dr. Frank P. Pollard of Jackson, Mississippi
What A Wretched Man I Am
Text: Romans 7:14
Spur fBH 30T-92 TV
There are some who think that the book of Roiialns is dull. dialectic we live by faith. But the doing of it-the doing of it-that's the rubh
and ahstrict--- without story,. without dirima-but not so. There are ss of testimony; there are words of excitement; there are words as rele- Well, the Bible teaches us some lessons here, some hard. necessary
vant as today's lunch necessary to your living as clean air. Todlay lessons. The first is this: we are called of the Lord to be spiritual rx'o-
let's look at Romans 7:14. pie. Notice in verse fourteen, our testifier, our writer, our teacher sN s.
There was a man that attended a church service like this one, and 'W e know that the law is spinitala "Now he's been talking about 'te
one of those wonderful days of experience was his. There came upoo law. When the New Testament writers speak about the las. they're usual-
him the gentle conviction of God upoin his soul that his life did not l y talking about the Torah. The Torah contains the basic teachings aroiunrd
match his profession. So he, in his heart and to his God. confessed the Ten Commandments in the Old Testament which is the miural lass.
his sin. and wave after wave of the cleansing of God came upon him.
He was so grateful and so blessed by this experience that he vowed. The law is spiritual
"Lord I will live for you the rest of my life." With the others he sang Paul says,.''ros' we ktr(A' thiat the las' is spirinol. ' He didn't als~sas
with his heart, "I'll live for Him who died for me. how happy then know that, did he'? The apostle did not always knos that the lass ssas
my life sh ...

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