by Frank Pollard

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BROADCAST on THE BAPTIST HOUR, June 7, 1992, by Dr. Frank Pollard of Jackson, Mississippi
Do You Know Who You Are?
Text: Luke 19:t1-10
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Kirk Douglas, the famous actor, probably one of the most rule people, He came to seek and to save what was lost. When
recognizable people in our land, was driving his car one day Napoleon was on his death bed, he wrote, "I will soon die before
and saw a young Naval person waiting for a ride. He stopped my time, I am amazed that Alexander, Caesar and I have had
to pick the young man up. As the sailor got in the front seat our ambitious dreams to vanish into nothing. Yet this Judean
with him, he looked at him, and then he looked again, and he peasant, Jesus, still reaches across the centuries and determines
said, hey, do you know who you are? the destinies of men and of nations."
One day Jesus Christ met Simon Peter, who was young, im- Alexander, Caesar, and Napoleon lived by fame and li'r-
petuous, vacillating, unpredictable and He said, do you know tune and power through conquest. Socrates and Plato lived to
who you are? You're a rock. And I imagine a lot of people around find fame and fortune and power through a search of knowledge
who knew Simon Peter laughed that day, but he became a rock and wisdom. Jesus Christ lived only to find you and me..
because Jesus knew who he was. come, He said, to seek andu to salie What seas lost. " Jesus is lo()k-
In Luke 19:1-10, there is the story of a man named Zac- ing for the lost and all people are lost until Jesus find.s uiS.
chaeus. Zacchaeus is a name that means pure, solid, without There was classification in that day, this world always
flaw. Jesus met him one day and said, Zacchaeus, that's you, classifies people, always pigeon holes people, always tries to
let me go home with you and help you see who you ...

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