by Frank Pollard

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Broadcast on THE BAPTIST HOUR, March 25, 1993, by Dr. Frank Pollard of Jackson, Mississippi
The Greatest Way
Text: I John
When we understand our faith, we're not talking primarily of another: for love is ofGod, and every one that loveth is born ofGod,
doctrines of dogma or creeds and things to know, but we're speaking and knoweth God Hle that loveth not k-noweth not God; for God is
of a Lord who loves us and wants to be our friend, who lived and died love."
to forgive us of our sins, and wants to give us life. And when we speak
of a Chrstian faith-, we speak of relationships througi Christ- to the G-DQ! IS- LOVE-
Father and with each other, and He causes us to love each other.
As we've sought to state our church mission, we state it in terms In the latter part of verse 16, " God is love; and he that dwvelleth in
of relationships As we look in the Word of God, He tells that these are love d velleth in God, and God in him." Where there is God, there is
the things that are of most importance. We will love God. We will love a loving relationship with others because God is love. When we speak
eacliother. Wewill learnandobeytheWordofGodandwewill commit of our faith, we speak of relationships-of caring, of fellowship, of
our lives, our talents, our resources to the task oftelling as many as we knowing, of being concerned about Him and about each other-
can about the love of God in Christ Jesus. because Godis love. The Word goesontotell usthat God's love comes
The night of His arrest and crucifixion, Jesus said to his bickering to us through Jesus Christ. This is how God showed His love among
apostles, "A new commandnent I give unto you, That you love one us. He sent His one and only Son into the world that we might live
another; aslhave lovedyou, thatyealso loveoneanother. Bythisshall through Him. This is love, not that we love God, but that He loved us
allnitenknow thatyou aremydisciples, ifye ...

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