by Frank Pollard

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Broadcast on THE BAPTIST HOUR, February 25, 1993, by Dr. Frank Pollard of Jackson, Mississippi
Let's Start Where You Can
Love Me!
Stirs Text: Mark 14:27
If someone wakes you out of a deep sleep, if someone calls you when Lord Christ.
you're preparing a meal, if someone interrupts you during your most
important business deal of the year and ask you what is the purpose, what PETER FORSAKES JESUS
is the mission of the church? I pray you will be able to say, "We will love
God, we will love each other, we will learn and obey the Word of God, and You remember it all started (as recorded in Mark 14:27) when Jesus
we will give ourlives and ourtalents andourresources to the taskof telling was walking down the streets of Jerusalem, after the Lord's Supper. on the
as many as we can about the love of God in Jesus Christ." way to Gethsemane. Walking along with His apostles, He said to them.
Howard Hendricks from Dallas told about a physician in Hotston who "Fver"' one of you is goinggta fali away, every one of you is goingtto deny
was known as one of the outstanding heart surgeons in the world. This Me and run and fall away. None of you will stand with Me." Simon Peter
physician called a young intern into his office and he said, "I've been said, "Lord I will. I know we're about to separate the men from the boys.
studying you, I've been researching you, and I think you have the Now look, you and I are going to be the men, even though all of the rest of
opportunity to become the greatest heart surgeon of your generation. I can these guys may run and tuck their tails and hide and fall awav, I won t, I'll
help you become that if you'll come with me and if you'll let me teach you, still be with you to the very end." And Jesus said, "Simon, before sun up,
but there is one thing, you must sell your soul to me. And the young before the roostercrows the second time, you're going to have denied that
physician said, ...

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