by Frank Pollard

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Broadcast on THE BAPTIST HOUR, March 4, 1993, by Dr. Frank Pollard of Jackson, Mississippi
Give Him A Day!
> A Text: Acts 5
This is alovestory about acouple who metwhen they still had all-knowing, and omnipresent. On and on goes this glossary o)
a lot of education left to complete. For him it was love at first sight. terms about Almighty God, Creator of everything. The)- re all truc.
He usually didn't talk to his dad about this kind ofthing, his dad was but they keep Him at a distance.
not thatkind of aguy. He felt so strongly about this girl though, that When Jesuscane, Hedidn'tuse any ofthose words. He cilled
hesaid,"Dad,doyoubelieveinloveatfirstsight?" Andhisdadsaid, the Almighty God, Creator of everything, Knower of everythiing.
"Well, it saves a lot of time!" He decided he would follow the " Father." The God Who is everywhere, Who has all power. N\ho)
teaching of an old church courtship line, in which a young man literally makes it all happen for us. We couldn't exist for a moienclt
prayed, "Father, Father, up above, shall I kiss the one I love?" And without God, but He called Him, Father." In fict lie really didll't
the leavenlyFatheranswered,"Sinner,sinner,downbelow,pucker call Him "Father," He called Him, "Daddy." "Abb '" in Aranlaic
up and let her go!" Well, they married when they were young, and means daddy. Not a daddy like I am or some of you men are. but a
were not really able to support themselves. Well, it was about twenty perfect daddy. A daddy who never makes a mistake, a daddy wvho
years before they could afford to support themselves, or even begin always loves, a daddy who gives us all of his time, a daddy ' ho
to afford it. They always experienced this thing of having too much forgives us, helps us. encourages and makes wonderful plans foi- us
month left at the end of the money, but she never complained. She ifwejustletHimwork them out. He's Daddy and we love Him N c
wasaful ...

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