by Frank Pollard

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I Thessalonians 3:10-13
During one of those tough times in the Revolutionary War when General
George Washington knew the enemy was on two sides of his forces and he
thought he might be surrounded by the English, he issued a famous decree.
Now he had in his army, mostly patriots, men willing to die for the freedom
they wanted for themselves and their loved ones, but there were a few
mercenaries and thrill seekers and professional soldiers from other countries.
So on this particular night he ordered, "Put only Americans on guard tonight."
Well I think we've got to watch or we're going to lose the freedom they fought
In many ways, the enemy threatening to destroy us today is more dangerous
than the men they fought.
What I'm trying to say is well stated in a study made several years back.
Some of this nation's leading men talked to people from every walk of life in
large cities and small villages across our nation. They concluded: "America's
greatest threat is not from without, but from within. If we go down in defeat
it will not be because of the Communists, but ourselves. If we are destroyed,
it will not be occasioned by a bomb, but by an idea, a philosophy--a way of
looking at life in which our people do not think they are economically respon-
sible for their own welfare or morally responsible for their own conduct."
Both of these are vitally important. Be aware that God in Heaven, before
whom one day we will all stand, declares that you are responsible for yourself
morally and you are responsible for yourself economically. "Let everyone of
you work, in quietness, and eat your own bread."
Neither our Lord, nor this preacher, are presenting these thoughts today to
inflict anguish upon you who cannot work. It is our moral obligation to
help all who cannot help themselves. It is tragically true however, that
this nation is being bled to death by people who won't work. I've always
t ...

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