by Frank Pollard

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Colossians 2:1
I heard about a young minister in his first church in
a lumbering community. The way they operated was to cut the
trees down way up in the mountains, trim them,and brand their
particular brand on the end of the log then they would send
them downstream. At the end of the day, they would be given
credit for the logs that they had cut. Often, dishonest men
would cut off the end of the log that had someone else's
brand on it and brand it with his brand. So the young minister
thought he would do something about this problem. He preached
a sermon entitled "Love Your Neighbor", and the people said,
"That's a beautiful sermon. That's one of the greatest sermons
we've ever heard." The next Sunday he realized that hadn't
gotten the point, so he preached a sermon entitled "Thou Shalt
Not Steal". They said, "That's one of the greatest sermons
we've ever heard. We sure appreciate that." The next Sunday
he preached a sermon titled "Thou Shalt Not Cut the End Off of
Your Neighbor's Log and Put Your Brand on It". And they fired
him! Well, in this second chapter of Colossians, Paul is
beginning to get that specific.
In verse one, he declares: "I want you to know how
strenuously I am exerting myself for you and for those at
Laodecia (which is about ten miles away) and for all who have
not met me personally." Now, how could this man, who is in
prison, who has no freedom, be "strenuously exerting" himself
for them? Well, obviously this is a prayer ministry. You
know, don't you,that real prayer is hard work? When you give
yourself to praying, it is a strenuous thing. He is giving
his whole self now to a prayer ministry for these people
because they are at a crucial time. There is a threat to the
understanding of the Christian doctrine in their church. For
that reason he is "strenuously" giving himself in prayer for
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