by Frank Pollard

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Colossians 2:8-9
How do you spot a false teacher? I think one good way is
to ask: Are they trying to live off of someone else's evangelism?
God has commanded Christians to "go and make disciples and baptize
them and teach them to observe all things." When someone comes
in to say, we want to take somebody else's evangelism, we like
to prey on someone else's beginning work in the Lord, and we've
got something to add to that because we are hyper-spiritual people,
look out! They may be right, but just beware that this is one
of those indications that some false teachings are about to be
laid upon you, because those that follow the Lordship of Christ are
always going to be primarily concerned with introducing people
to Him who do not know Jesus Christ, and then training those people
to be the folks that God would have them to be.
What will a false teacher do? They will take you captive and
carry you away as booty. They will try to steal you away for
several reasons. One is for self-glorification because it promotes
them and their programs. They will seek to capture your mind and
carry you away with their teachings and philosophies. The Bible
warns: "See that no one takes you captive through hollow and
deceptive philosophy." Now I am sure that the people who came in
and infiltrated the church at Colossae said, "We are going to tell
you the truth that Paul didn't tell you. You have made the first
step, but here are the rest of the steps that we must get you to
take." I'm sure that they called that a philosophy. Paul said,
"It is not a philosophy. Philosophy asserts truth and this is
not truth." So he tags onto the word "philosophy, "hollow" and
"deceitful" or "deceptive". It is a way of thinking that does
not have depth. It is a way of thinking that usually will prey
upon your weaknesses. It is usually something that will appeal
to your pride, greed, lust, or to your weaknesses. It parades ...

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