by Frank Pollard

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Colossians 2:8-9
We want to call your attention to the first eight verses
of Colossians. The Apostle has been doing some things in this
letter. He has given a beautiful description of the person of
Jesus Christ. He has been describing the church and now he is
describing a disciple, a follower of Jesus Christ. One thing
we notice quite quickly is that people who follow Jesus Christ
are human beings. Because they are human beings, they have
difficulties and problems. Christians are not shielded from the
difficulties of this world. He is encouraging them in such a
way to understand that God understands the problems of being a
human being.
So he talks about these! He talks about what it means to
be isolated, and the loneliness that can be a great problem. You
can 'be in a Crowd and be lonely, and Gad unlers-tands that. A
problem with the followers of Christ is ignorance. So many of
our people are led away by strange doctrines and wierd statements
and wild interpretations simply because they are ignorant about
the things God wants them to know. Another thing is inconsistency!
A follower of the Lord Jesus Christ needs to be consistent. He
needs to be the same person in every situation, all of the time.
I'm doing a study now on what the Bible says about integrity. You
know, the word "integrity" comes from the mathematical word
"integer", which just means a number which is not divided, a whole
number. A person with integrity is someone who just can't be
divided. He is not inconsistent. He is the same person. One
of the problems of being a follower of Jesus Christ is
inconsistency. Another is negativism. The Bible has a lot to
say about what it means to overcome negativism. It is one of the
greatest enemies of the fellowship of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Another is exhaustian. When you are exhausted spiritually, you
are not able to be used of God, so he talks about how to handle
those ...

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