by Frank Pollard


"Jesus, keep me near the cross," is a prayer every Christian
ought to offer daily. Our tendency, I fear, is to move away
from the cross rat'; - than draw near to it. Another hymn
declares: "On a hal far away stood an old rugged cross.
A besetting sin of (hristians is to keep the cross at a
distance, on a hill too far away.
Some years back one of England's most brilliant and gifted
writers became a Christian. Dorothy Sayers then wrote a book
titled: The Man Born To Be King. In it she said: "From the
beginning of time until now this is the only thing that has
really happened. When you understand this you will understand
all prophesies and all history."
The Word of God keeps drawing us back to the basic act of
Christianity. It reminds us Christianity is not primarily a
philosophy, it is not a teaching, it is an event. We don't
learn Christianity. We experience Christ. The essential need
of lost humanity is not a classroom lecture to enlighten
confused minds. Through Christ, God declares we need a
crucifixion and a our lost souls.
The death and resurrection of Christ is history's central
event. It is the key to the source of life in both worlds.
When the Old Testament pointed to the coming Messiah its
prophesies were clothed in predictions of death and resurrection.
When John the Baptist introduced our Lord at the beginning of
Christ's ministry he identified Him as the sacrificial Lamb
of God to take away the world's sins.
In Acts the theme of the Apostle's message was the
crucified and resurrected Christ. Every New Testament letter
kept this fact before the churches.
To the Roman Church, Paul wrote in the first paragraph of
Christ "who was declared (or proven to be) the Son of God with
power by the resurrection from the dead." (Romans 1:4)
When he wrote to the Corinthian church he reminded them that
he could have talked philosophy and played mental gymnastics
with the best of the ...

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