TO LIVE IS. . .?

by Frank Pollard

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To Live Is,... ?
Philippians 1:21
What is it to you to really live? What does the word
"life" mean to you? If you had to complete the sentence,
"To me to live is ...", what would you say?
Irve told you before, our family lived a long way o-ut in-
the country. I was born a mile from a dirt road. To be
sure, living without utilities and plumbing presented some
problems. But there were two distinct and significant
advantages. There was plenty of space and there was a lot
of quiet.
In order to keep your head straight, you need some quiet.
We had that. The only radio-we had was played by a large
battery. The battery was charged by a windcharger fastened
to the top of our house. About two hours a day is all the
radio we had electrical juice for. Mother was adicted to
"Stella Dallas," "Lorenzo Jones," and other afternoon soap
operas. Dad had to listen to the news and "Fibber McGee and
Molly" at night. And that was it for the radio. Of course,
in that day television existed only in the minds of Science
Fiction writers. So I had quiet. I recommend it. You have
to make quiet now days, in fact you have to work at it. But
it's worth the effort.
And I had space as a boy. Like a lot of you, I had a
favorite place to daydream. A big, flat rock, slanted just
right, so I could comfortably look at the fluffy clouds in
the blue sky and think, and dream of what life had in store
in the years to come.
Dreaming is recommended, too. A lot of our life is built
on our dreams. Someone said: "Dreams are the stuff of which
life is made," and "all we glory in was once a dream," a
little picture in the mind. Garibaldi's mother named him in
his cradle "Italy's Washington." She whispered it to him in
his lullabies and he came through youth to manhood with that
picture in his mind. Beethoven used to wander in the woods
to get his music. In the studio of his mind he saw great
symphonies of sound marching up and down on the scre ...

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