by Frank Pollard

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Revelation 2:12,13
The city Turkey called Bergama is a far cry from the
splendid capital city it was when called Pergamos or
Pergamum. In that day it was a rich, intellectual, sensuous
The people of Pergamos loved art and architecture.
They studied philosophy and paintings. The Acropolis
of Pergamos with its beautiful sculptures was known every-
Pergamos was known as a healing center. This primitive
medical practice was based on worship of a pagan Greek god.
The emblem of the Greek healing God was a serpent. In
their medical center non poisonous snakes were in much
abundance, freely moving about. It was believed that to
be touched by one of those snakes would bring healing.
At Pergamos was one of the most famous libraries in
history. At a time when each volume had to be hand written,
that library had over 200,000 volumes. History tells us
that once the king of Pergamos tried to hire Aristophenes,
the famous librarian at Alexandria. He offered a great
deal more money that Aristophenes was being paid in
Well, his king, Ptolomy heard of this and promptly
placed Aristophenes in prison. He also ordered that
no more papyrus be shipped to Asia. Now papyrus was the
only writing material used in that day. Only in Egypt
was papyrus made. So Pergamos was completely cut off
from material to write on. But not for long. From this
crisis came the development of processing animal skins
and making parchment, a much better material than papyrus.
Had this crisis not taken place, college graduates might
never have heard of a sheep skin!
Pergamos sounds like a pretty neat place, and in many
ways it was. Yet Christ said to the Christians there:
"I know where you live, there where Satan has his throne."
Why did he say that? It could be because of great
emphasis on worshipping pagan Greek gods. It could well
have been because of their lifestyle. Sexual immorality
was no ...

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