by Frank Pollard

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Hebrews 13:8
Our text today is Hebrews 13:8. One line almost
disconnected from other lines of Holy Writ surrounding it, yet
undeniably tied to every statement in all of God's Word: "Jesus
Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever."
We live in a changing world. It's always been changing.
Adam probably said to Eve: "Honey, we're living in changing
times." Can you think of anything in life that doesn't change?
When we talk of "making change" in small money
transactions, that is, changing a dollar bill for four quarters,
we are living out a parable of life. We are constantly changing
one circumstance for another, one age for another. We change
our childhood for adolescence. We change that for youth. We
change youth for adulthood. One day we change this temporary
life for eternal life.
We link our life to someone and they change or they die and
a massive change takes place in our lives. Every minister has
heard it at one time or another: "I used to talk to him or her
about everything. Now she's or he's gone. What do I do?"
Life's deepest need is for the unchanging never-leaving friend.
God's word to that need is: "Jesus Christ the same yesterday,
today and forever."
John the Baptist was beheaded at the orders of a drunken
king titillated by the lustful dance of his wife's daughter.
John's disciples tenderly took that headless body, buried it,
and the Word says: "They came and told Jesus." They had left
everything to follow John, had staked their lives on him.
Instinctively, they knew that when you suffer loss like that,
you can make a beeline to Jesus Christ - always the same, always
In Matthew 17, Mark 9 and Luke 9, the Word pictures the
transfiguration experience. He glowed with the very presence of
God. To add to frightening wondrousness of this moment, there
appeared Moses and Elijah and, finally, the voice of God was a
part of that experience. And when it was all over ...

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