by Frank Pollard

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"The Adam Family, Part V, Hurting Parents"
Genesis 4:2b-4
Can you imagine the pain and agony Adam and Eve experienced? They
had two sons, one of them spiritual, called righteous by Jesus. Our
Lord also called him a prophet. He is first on the list in the
Believers' Hall of Fame in Hebrews 11. The other son became
rebellious, angry, depressed and a murderer. Why does that happen -
that children rebel against parents, godly parents? It happened to
the mother and father of Sampson. They were godly parents. They
prayed for that child. They committed him to God when he was born
and Sampson grew up to be rebellious, selfish, a womanizer, and a
bully. Saintly sweet Eli's boys were a total disappointment to him.
We could go on and on but why does it happen? Part of the answer is
that our children are not ours. They are through us but they are not
of us. They make their own choices. I cannot find in scripture any
teaching about how to prevent this. There is scripture to tell us
how to handle it but no short sermon can be an end all and be all.
My purpose is to help hurting parents know that God cares, that there
is hope. I pray you will feel the hand of God's compassion. He has
rebellious children and He understands. Now last week we introduced
an insight, i.e. God, our Heavenly Father, is our example in how to
treat our children. He is the only perfect parent. While children
are growing up in our care, we are to treat them like God treats us,
His children. We are to love them by learning their uniqueness and
helping them become, not who we are, but who they are. We need to
love them enough to discipline them. In Hebrews 12:6 it says, "the
Lord disciplines those whom He loves." We are to show our love for
them in ways they understand and we are to be consistent and
forgiving. We are to forgive them just as God forgives us. And when
they are children, they are often delightful and responsive to
parents. One little g ...

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