by Frank Pollard

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Ephesians 5:22
Richard Haslick once said, "I should like very
much to spend the rest of my life travelling abroad
if thereafter somewhere I could borrow another life
to spend at home." He was saying, "There is no place
like home."
A young man wrote home from Viet Nam and he
said, "Mom, things are tough here and we're praying
and God is helping us, but let me tell you what I want
when we get home. I would like to have one of those
big dinners, and then I'd like for us to just sit
around and talk like we used to." The young soldier
was saying, "There's no place like home." Remember
over in the Old Testament when David was at a dangerous
time in his life -- he was surrounded by all the
enemies and he was outside his hometown and he said,
"Oh, my how I'd like to drink of water from the old
well out by the gate." David was saying, "There's
no place like home." And there are some wags, at
least there have been, in recent days who have been
saying that the home has had it -- that there's no
real future anymore for the home and I'm thankful
that those voices are diminishing, but you recall
out on the West Coast where most of the silly,lkind
of ideas begin that along college campuses and around
those things there became some apartments known as
the arrangement places where young men and women would
make an arrangement to live together and to see how
their relationship would blossom from there. Frank
McGeehee, the national TV personality, was given
the assignment of studying that by Pace Magazine
and he reported that the arrangement is a phony.
Without exception almost every couple there -was
really looking for a marriage. They realized that
love has to be something stable and permanent and it
has to be lasting or it will not have any real kind
of value.
Joyce Brother said that in the clinics around
those schools that she counselled with some casualities
of the break-ups of t ...

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