by Frank Pollard

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I Corinthians
There is little room for doubt that the little
Jewish man we refer to as the Apostle Paul was the
greatest Christian witness of them all. His passion
for souls drove him through beatings, shipwreck, po-
verty, hunger, stonings, imprisonments, and finally
execution. Situations that would have discouraged
others seemed to whip up the fire of love in Paul's
heart. He and Silas were in stocks in the dungeon
of a Philippiam. jail. The other prisoner's were
cursing and complaining and Paul seemed to have said
to Silas, "Friend, I can't pat my foot because it is
in this stock, but if you'll help me strike up a
song we'll try to drown out some of this racket, and
they started a revival in a jail by singing praises
to God and praying at midnight. While on trial for
his life Paul would always give his personal testimony
of what Christ had done for him. Someone said of this
remarkable man, "Put him in a prison and he would
come out with a jail door under one arm and a convert
under the other." When someone would seek to solve the
riddle of this dedicated life and ask the secret of his
victorious submission he would simply reply, "The love
of Christ constrains me." If Jesus died that Calvary
kind of death for me then no sacrifice is too great for
In this second chapter of I Corinthians whe is
reminding these people in that church in Corinth of
how He came to them with the Gospel. Almost uncon-
sciously He sets forth a description and attitude of
any Christian who loves Christ enough to walk as a
worthy witness. The witness of Paul to these people
seems to say to us that a worthy witness is one mo-
tivated by love, is one who employs methods of simpli-
city and is one who speaks a message of urgency.
A worthy witness is motivated by love.
Love is a necessity of any who would be a worthy
witness. Why would Paul come to a sin-hole like Corinth
to share the news of Chris ...

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