by Frank Pollard

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I Corinthians
When Paul wrote the letter to the Corinthians he was
trying to prevent a murder. These people were killing the
fellowship among themselves. When a church has lost its
fellowship, that mutual love for Christ and each other,
it hns lost it& life.
Paul loved the church at Corinth, God had used Paul's
witness and work to birth this church. Years before he had
come to this wealthy seaport city with its wicked ways.
Corinth was so known for its wickedness that a new word came
from its reputation. To "corinthianize" means to corrupt.
He had been uneasy about witnessing there, admitting he
came with "fear and trembling," but he had come! People
responded to his message and a church was born.
Aquilla and Priscilla opened their home to Paul and
helped him in the work. Soon they were joined by Silas and
Timothy who came over from Thessalonica. For a year and a
half Paul stayed there, founding the church, instructing
its members, and mending tents to meet his expenses.
Now Paul has gone on to Ephesus, is engrossed in
ministry there, when word comes from Cloe there are troubles
in the church.
From these problems in Corinth we can see how Satan
sets about to kill a church. Note carefully that if you
want to hurt a church you don't throw rocks through windows
or tear down buildings. A building is not the church. A
building is a very important tool to help the church do its
work. The church is her people. When Satan sets about to
kill a church it is with us, the people -our attitudes, our
doubts, our sins- that he works.
In this way Satan would subtly use a Christian to destroy
his own church. He would want us to look to leaders instead
of the Lord; to serve ourselves instead of the Master.
We can kill the fellowship of a church by looking to
leaders instead of the Lord. The church at Corinth had been
exposed to the leadership of three preachers.
Paul had come first and had ...

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