by Frank Pollard

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Romans 14:7
The sign on the back of the car said, "Don't Follow
Me, I'm Lost." I know it was just for fun that the
sticker was put there. A fellow can get a pretty good
cross section of our economic system just by reading
the printed matter stuck on the automobiles of our land.
In front of you in one lane of traffic is a bright
shiny super chrome job with more horses under its hood
than a regiment of calvary. But the bubble dream of
how nice it would be to own one is pricked by the point
of this bumper statement. "Only fifty-nine more payments
and it is mine!" Or at another traffic light stop behind
and automobile that appears to be on its last leg, panting
tired puffs of black smoke out the tail pipe. But you
cease feeling sorry for the fellow in the driver's seat
when you read, "Don't laugh, its paid for."
But the one that said, "Don't follow me, I'm lost,"
rang a bell that was more than just humorous. Jesus had
said something about the blind leading the blind. And
I thought how true it is that the lost are leading the
lost and with that kind of guidance neither will ever
be able to find out what life is really all about.
In our text Paul said something that we all know.
"None of us liveth unto himself and no man dies unto
himself." He is saying that what we do in this life
greatly matters because we don't just affect our lives,
we affect the lives of all those around us. Some of
those people we say we love. The Bible says that not
only do we affect lives while we are living, but our
influence goes on. The man who does not care about his
influence over somebody else surely must be a fool or
a monster or both. We must forever be careful about
our influence over others, for by our silent influence,
day in and day out we are taking people up with us or
we are taking them down. We are making it easier or
making it harder every day we live for other people to
live as is our infl ...

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