by Frank Pollard

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Romans 8:1-1]
When on that morning in 1945 the news broke over a war-weary world
that over a city of Japan a lone bomber had released a new force and shattered
a city with atomic power, there was first shock, and then a deep stunning
fear, a vague realization that something had happened to change the world, a
feeling that the bomb had dropped not on one city but on all the earth, and
that mankind had entered a new age of perilous, unprecendented power. Man
had found the fire of the gods, the key to the ultimate in power.
Since then the world has rolled on uneasily, and public awareness of the
magnitude of this power has been painfully slow in developing. Because it is
unthinkable, we don't want to think of it. Because it is unspeakable, we
don't want to speak of it. Attempts have been made to play it down, to allay
the fears, to create the impression that the danger is less than the dread.
But the scientists who opened this Pandora's box do not share that illusion.
They who know most are most afraid. It is the scientists who are the new
evangelists of hell fire and judgment, calling for world repentance and most
concerned that we face the truth. And the truth is, quoting the atomic energy
commission; "Manzlow has, within the range of his grasp, the means to exterminate
completely the human reduce the world to the primitive conditions o0
the time of Cain and Abel ... to scatter to the four winds in a matter of seconds
the civilization it has taken him so many centuries to put together." So,
clearly, problem number one is power. We must now handle power with wisdom
and righteousness and patience, or the power he olds will destroy us.
And ironically enough in these times of great power in the hands of men,
there seems to be so little moral power in the hearts of men. This is a day
in which we have mavored on techniques but have done so little for the technician.
We have, in ...

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