by Frank Pollard

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Romans 8:1-4
I'm often introduced by name and occupation. Occasionally
someone will say: "You don't look like a preacher." And even
though I live to preach, want with all my soul when r grow up
to be a preacher, I strangely take that as a compliment. Some-
times when I fly to some place to preach, the person meeting
me at the plane will not know me and will recognize me. When
we're the only two left in the area, we finally make connection.
And he will usually say: "You don't look like your picture."
I tell him that's because the picture was taken when I was much
older. It doesn't bother me that I don't look like someone's
idea of a preacher or that I don't look like my picture. It
does bother me that sometimes I don't look like a Christian.
Someone was asked: "Have you been born again?" And she
answered: "Yes, but I have birth defects." Who among us cannot
identify with that. Perhaps the greatest Christian who ever
lived, Paul, could. We read with empathy last week his state-
ment: "I have the desire to do what is good but I cannot carry
it out. 0, wretched man that I am, who shall deliver me from
this body of death?"
Do you feel pulled down by a spiritual gravity?- Do yo-y
want to soar to spiritual heights but something keeps you earth-
bound, unable to get off the ground in your search for spiritual
power? God's word is that the spiritual gravity, the law of
sin and death, is overcome by the law of the spirit and life.
Listen to Romans 8:1-4. All my preaching life, I have
listened talk about "amen" as though getting people to say "amen"
is going to bring in the millennium. Now "amen" is fine because
it means you already know and agree with whatever has been said
or sung or done. The word really means "it is so" or "sobeit."
I see the "amens" in your faces and it is encouraging, but "amen"
is not nearly so great as "ah-ha!" That 's the sound, not of
agreement but of discove ...

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