by Frank Pollard

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Romans 5:5-11
Today is "Carry the Light" Day and you'll find in your bulletin a
"Carry the Light" commitment card and we are just asking you to
decide and to ponder if you can do all of these things or maybe some
of them in our doing the wonderful thing of carrying the light to
people who are lost in darkness. I will live a life of credible
witness. I'll ask God to help me live for Him. I'll invite lost and
unchurched friends to come and be a part of our fellowship where they
can be exposed to the Gospel and the Christian fellowship. I will
learn how to share the Gospel and do it and I will pray for the Holy
Spirit to use my witness in Him and to give me courage and
opportunities to witness. I will endeavor to make sure my new
Christian friends are not disappointed but follow-up in helping them
to know how to serve and how to follow the Lord Christ in baptism and
church membership and in other ways. At the close of the service
you'll have an opportunity to walk by and drop in the receptacle in
front of your section of pews the commitment card, your offering card
and your visitor's card, if you're visiting with us, or your
registration card if you as a church member would register and tell
us about yourself. We'll give you that opportunity at the close of
the service. There are two dominant reasons why people, I think, do
not share the light. Isn't it amazing that we Christians do not
carry the light more than we do? I think there are two reasons for
that. One is that we don't really want to believe that people
without Christ are lost. We don't really want to believe that but
it's true and we have to face up to it. The second thing is that we
don't really know what we have in Christ and know what an exciting
thing it is to offer - the Lord Christ - so I don't really think
that any of us need a berating for not witnessing. I think what we
really need is an understanding of what we have and ...

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