by Frank Pollard

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Romans 5:1-6"
When Jesus died and rose again He won a great victory for all who
would believe in Kim. Satan, realizing- hi- stunning defeat, plotted
ways to confuse and neutralize this great victory. 'Old Red Legs'
has successfully sold three aberrations, three twists on the doctrine
of justification by grace. With these three deviations, he has
robbed Christians of peace, reducing their Christian experience to a
form of religion without the power of the risen Christ in it. Satan,
the slickest of all spend doctors, has led sincere yet unknowing
believers to be legalist, moralist or proponents of cheap grace.
Legalism begins with someone deeply committed to justification by
faith and aware of the dangers of spiritual infection or infiltration
and begin to spend considerable efforts to manufacture discipline,
rules and regulations designed to isolate the believer from all that
would hinder or mar his spiritual progress. When I was young the
preachers warned, "don't go to dances." They didn't say anything
about dances, it was dances. "Don't smoke or chew or go with girls
that do." Now none of these were bad advice. We are told to keep
our sinful urges under control but when the joy of life with Christ
is buried under a pile of rules and regulations, the Christian is
demoralized, which leads to the second aberration: Moralism. The
moralists are those who have convinced themselves that if they do the
best they can to function well in society, God will understand and
throw open the Gates of Heaven. The moralist might say, "look, this
world is full of crooks and I'm not one of them. I shoot straight in
the business world. Guys are fooling around behind their wIvea backs
all the time. I've been pretty good about this whole marriage thing.
Besides, I'm known as one who lends a helping hand if someone gets
into trouble. I think I'm doing a pretty good job and that is
b sioa1Iy what God is looking fo ...

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