by Frank Pollard

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"The Delightfully, Unbelievably Wealthy Christian"
Romans 5:1,2
The Bible does not give us forms of worship. No where in the Word of
God is there printed a sample form of a worship folder so we would
know exactly what we were to do, line by line, as we worship the
Lord. We are to have reverence and awe in the presence of Almighty
God. This reverence and awe is expressed in many different ways.
Our worship will be acted out in whatever way we feel is compatible
with our experience of Christ and acceptable in the Christian
community in which we find ourselves. There are some people who feel
that worship should be quiet and holy and somber and solemn. The
detractors in thoss churches say it as so3 cold the ushers ice sk-te
up and down the aisles. On the other hand, some feel that worship
should be hand-clapping, fired up, heel-clicking experiences of
Christian pep rallies. The detractors say, "I feel like I've been to
an aerobic workout and not a worship of God when I've been there.
Well, there is truth and right in both expressions if you exclude the
extremes. There is much truth in worship which finds itself
somewhere in the middle. Forms of worship should adapt to the truth
of God being expressed at the moment. Our study in Romans in an
example. In Chapters 1 through 4 we have learned this: we are all
sinners, as such we are under God's condemnation, we are declared
guilty and worthy of punishment and that punishment is death. No
room there for hallelujah, hand-clapping, heel-clicking. But we've
also learned that God, in His love, sent His Son to take that
punishment for us. If we will now rely on Jesus Christ for our
forgiveness of sins, declaring our faith in Him, God will remove our
guilt from us. We will legally be declared not guilty. He will
declare us righteous, that means as if we were perfectly sinless.
Now in the presence of this truth, even the quietest, most formal,
most prone to arty worship, ...

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