by Frank Pollard

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Have you ever heard anyone say: "Money, these days, doesn't go a long
way"? Well, I know some money that really goes places and does
things and puts smiles on sad faces. It's the money God uses to help
the missionaries He chooses. Great people named: Baker and Bailey
and Cates and Beal and Bauer and Bates. There's Charles and Jennie
Garcia, and the Miller's who serve in Korea. The Graves labor on in
Conception, a place not easy to call on the phone and the Sugg's, Rob
and Nan, take their stand in a great "Taiwanian" town called Tainan.
Also in our church we can boast of D. P. Smith on the Ivory Coast,
and Bob and Sherry Sims in Ghana, and the Hewitts too, Dr. Earl and
Mona, who also work in that tropical sauna. Now, before too long
we'll hear from the Hammacks, just gone to Hong Kong. These and four
thousand others, are sharing God's Word making sisters and brothers
of people in places like Monaco, Macao and Burkina Faso and Togo,
Tokio and Trinidad Tobago. Our mission dollars don't dawdle! They
move around full throttle going to meet needs there - sharing God's
love through the people He leads there. So, let's search our hearts
and give, and pray and maybe go, and follow our money which goes a
long way.
Last week I found myself surrounded by friendly nice people who do
not follow Jesus Christ. It was a time of family celebration, a
wedding, and I was there just as a guest and I prayed, Lord, how do I
share without raining on this party and dampening their spirits
here. Well, I found God was at work in the father of the groom.
This man had been a student at Cal Berkeley in the 60s and very much
a part of the hippy generation. Now he is in his early 50s. He
wanted to talk. "We thought we were so smart," he said, "that our
generation had all the answers and now we're left with nothing but
cynicism. We've done harm to ourselves, our families and our
nation. I left the church of my y ...

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