by Frank Pollard

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Acts' 4:23-31
Philippians 1:9-11
In the lives of many Christians there is an "energy
crisis". So many of us just lack thte power to live as He
wants us to. What is the answer? I think a large part
of it is learning to pray. I've often wished some scientist
would do an objective study on the power of prayer. The
results would be staggering!
Prayer is the key to Christian growth. Through
prayer God still works His miracles today just as lie did
through those first Christians who had the audacity to
think they could change their world. And they did!
Lets you and I look at a couple of prayers prayed
by early .Gh~ritians. They are recorded in God's Word so
we can learn from them.
Ma rn te Acts, the fourth chapter. The church
was happily engaged in carrying out our Lord's orders to
tell others about His salvation. Literally thousands
,, '' were being saved! But now a report was being given that
Peter and John had been arrested for the ignominious crime
of sharing God's love. They had been kept in jail overnight
then, the next morning they were brought before the San-
hedrin, the supreme court. This was serious business!
They were questioned about the lame man who was healed and
about what they had said to the people. This gave Peter
an opportunity to repeat his sermon to the high court.
He concluded with this statement about Jesus Christ found
in verse twelve: "Salvation is to be found through Him
alone; in all the world there is no cone else whom God
has given who can save us."
Then the Sanhedrin went into secret session. After
this meeting the Apostles were brought back into the
room. They were given a stern tongue-lashing which con-
cluded with a giant threat. "...under no circumstances
were they to speak or to teach in the name of Jesus."
Remember how just a few weeks before Simon Peter
had stood by a fire and denled that he even knew Jesus?
Ah, but now he is a differen ...

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