by Frank Pollard

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John 20:24-29
In a speech that has taxed the memory of many a high
school sophomore, Shakespeare had Mark Anthony say, "The
evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft
interred with their bones."
Why is is that most of us are so quick to overlook the
good things about a man, but recall in vivid technicolor
detail his mistakes?
On the West Coast several years ago, a dazed football
player ran the wrong way. Everywhere he goes that poor
fellow is remembered as the man who ran the wrong way. Not
a word about the hundreds of times he ran the right way,
they just remember that he ran the wrong way once.
One year at Seagraves, during the "Sand Season,"
Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus played an exhibition round
of golf on the local course. It was a terrible day. On one
occasion Mr. Palmer almost missed the ball completely. Every
time you get close to that particular spot somebody will
inevitably say, "Boy, ole', Palmer really chilly-dipped one
over there." In the eighth grade my greatest claim to
notoriety was the fact that I was offside on the play that
would have been our only touchdown of the season! This
fact I was not readily allowed to forget. "The evil that
men do lives after them!"
Perhaps for this reason the man who made the highest
Profession of Faith in the Bible is remembered as doubting
Thomas. He was a doubter, to be sure, but he defeated his
doubts. his faith won out and what we ought to remember is
that he said, "My Lord and My God."
What do you do when faith falters? flow do you keep
faith's reserves in readiness for unavoidable times when life
tumbles in if your disposition is such that you find it
difficult to accept anything not seen or felt in these two-
by-four dimensions of life and time?
If these are the questions that beg for a hearing at
the tribunal of your mind, then through the experience of
Thomas, God has something to say to you.
First, c ...

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