by Frank Pollard

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A Lesson In Greatness
John 13:1-7
I Peter 5:5-6
It is June in Sinope, that city located on a peninsula on
the south shore of the Black Sea, as though it were trying to
peek across the waters at the unknown lands to the north. It
is a good time of the year, climate-wise, in this place that
is cold most of the time. But in June the temperature stays
around 70 degrees, kept steady by the massive influence of
the Black Sea.
The group at church had been looking forward to this meeting
for some time. Months ago the news had reached them that
Silas, the much-traveled companion of Paul and Peter, was
coming to bring a letter of encouragement and instruction from
the Apostle Peter, who had been at Sinope for a while leading
the people to a better knowledge of Christ. Silas read in
clear tones the message addressed to the Christians of Pontus,
Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia and Bithynia. After the meeting
there was that warm Christian fellowship that means more than
can be measured. Presently Silas excused himself and retired
to a room prepared for him. It had been a long journey.
Starting at Pontus, that far-out province on the southeast
shore of the Black Sea, down through Galatia, south and west
to the other Christian centers and now back north, across the
arid country of Bithynia. It was refreshing to get back to
the-coast,, especially in Jun e, but he was tired.
Downstairs the people were still buzzing. Andrew was
particularly happy to hear this word from his brother and to
know that, at least for the time, Peter was still safe and
sound and alive, and to hear another expression of his growing
dedication the the Mast-er.
One of the men snapped his chain of thought with the
question, "Brother Andrew, we have been discussing the letter
Silas read to us tonight. What do you think Peter had in
mind when he said '... Be clothed with humility ... for God
resisteth the proud and giveth grace to the humble?"'
11Ah, ...

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