by Frank Pollard

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fl It11:25-'7
Things had not been easy for our Lord. Attempts on His lie had b'Deni
made. His motives and methods were being slandered. Now carie an L-,Ql,
plea from the sisters of a very close friend: "Lazarus is critic,i, '.
Please come quickly."
It was several days later that He made it to Bethany. Sb'rfeorne s&.-'
group approaching an,d brought the rew&.s to the homse, whlere, for four
they had been arievin" the death of Lazarus. Marthhy, one of the s1Dt .'
left the house to greet Him, while Marv stayed awith the housefutIl of G'al I
Her greetin(g is another of those scriptural indications o0 h-O hon)r?st
and open were the reiationships of Jesus with those who kn I Ir best
you had been here, mv brother wouldn't be dead," sihe said. rer hon:estC-9.
ment is one most all of us have either kept in or blurted oun in our t::Th's
of mourning: ",Where were you when I needed you?"'
Our blessed Lord was never bothered by questions like taat. He rec
reacted to them. He knew those narsh words came frum a hurting heart. So
He did what He always did. He answered.' the hurting7 heart, aot' th'e horis
"Your brother will rise again."
"O, I know that,"said Martha, "I bel..evze, like many people, ir. a resu^r-
rection at the last day."
Then He spoke words whibc shoild be engraied in clt).os rot t'rcm t
nent place in our minds. They7 are sigrfificr""t words, net spo{on In a ,
room to students; no coffte'e-break pihilosopyl)iny is this to interestod
observers. In the face of the harsh reality of death, to a heart crushed
by the Thimsjediate loss of the most important person in her life, Jesos sail:
"I am the resurrection and the life: He that believeth in me, though he
were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever lives and believes in -me snail
never (really) die. Do you believe this?"
These words must not be li-htly passed over. Many are the Martho-0s w'
say: "Yes, I believe in the ...

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