by Frank Pollard

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Psalm 63
The first lie of Eden, the first lie of our sinful
nature is to say: "I don't need God." The first cry of
the best in us counters: "Yes, I do."
One night, my friend Dick Baker was captured by a melody
and some words. This is not unusual. He has composed and
written many, many songs. He's one of our nation's most
loved songwriters. But it was a long time before he ever
told anyone about this song. You see, the words of the
song do not rhyme. "The music," says Mr. Baker, "does not
flow. It is not definitive. The artistic craftsmanship
is not there." And yet through many years this song has
been a favorite for thousands of Christians because it answers
our greatest needs:
Longing, longing for Jesus,
I have a longing in my heart for Him,
Just to be near Him, to feel His presence,
I have a longing in my heart for Him.
How's your spiritual appetite? Do you have a longing
in your heart for Jesus? It's a more important question
than you may think. There are two kinds of people who don't
have an appetite - who don't want nourishment. Those who
are sick and those who are dead. If within your heart there
does not beat a desire for fellowship with Him, you are
either spiritually dead or spiritually ill.
"O God, you're my God. My soul thirsts for you, my
body longs for you in a dry and weary land where there is
no water."
1. A condition to discover
Not all are aware of their need for God. Spiritual
appetites for the best and the healthiest are like physical
appetites. They can be misdirected. Just as there are
eating disorders in which a misdirected appetite makes us
desire the wrong foods and too much or too little food,
there is also because of our sinful natures, disorders of
our spiritual appetites.
We are being told now that in the hypothalamus of
our brains there is a sort of setpoint like a hunger thermo-
stat controlling our appetites. ...

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