by Frank Pollard

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Psalm 53:1, Proverbs 28:26, Matthew 5:22
A friend called from my home town: "Frank,
he said, "we are going to have an All-Fools'
Banquet on April first and you are the first
one we thought of for a speaker!"
That started me wondering why there is an
April Fools' Day. Two encyclopedias agreed it
started back in the 1500's when English-speaking
people changed calendars. On the old calendar,
April 1 was celebrated as New Year's Day. There
were some folks around who didn't like their calendar
changed any more than some of Ius Like otir time to
be messed with. So they kept on celebrating New
Year's in April instead of January. For this they
were called "April Fools"' and finally the day evolved
into a time during which you could act foolish and
have an excuse for it.
Do you know God's Word warns us about playing
the fool in our lives?
Of course it's true that almost everybody is
a fool to somebody. To the dyed-in-the-wool
Democrat the Republican is a fool. To the hard-
core Republican, the Democrat is a fool. The
happily-married man tells the bachelor he is foolish
to stay single and the unattached fellow thinks it
would be idiotic to let a wedding band cut off his
circulation. When news leaked out of Fulton's working
on a steam powered engine they probably asked him
to turn in his high school diploma. And can't you
just hear Edison's wife saying: "Thomas, turn off
the light and go to sleep." A lot of people during
the Wright Brothers days believed not only flying,
but also the Wright Brothers were for the birds. It's
true that almost anyone who stands for or tries to
do anything is looked upon as foolish by someone.
The Bible tells us how God looks at people. To
be called "foolish" or "silly" by someone who is just
as foolish and silly is one thing, but to be
called "foolish" by God is something altogether
different. No less than forty times the Bible aims
truth at human frail ...

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