by Frank Pollard

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Psalm' 23-
The twenty-third psalm recently was determined in a poll to be the
favorite of all the psalms. This brief psalm is the gem of all the poetry
known and loved by many humble persons. MacLaren said of it: "The world
could spare many a large book better than this sunny little psalm. It has
dried many tears and supplied the mould into which many hearts have poured
their peaceful faith." Henry Ward Beecher said: "The twenty-third psalm
is the nightingale of the psalms. It is small, of a homely feather, singing
shyly out of obscurity; but, oh, it has filled the air of the whole world
with melodious joy, greater than the heart can conceive." This is a sparkling
diamond, mounted in the sturdy setting of God's Word. One who can possess
it and claim its blessings is indeed a wealthy person.
It is quite possible that not only is this psalm a challenging and com-
forting balm in itself; it also is the summation of a life -- the life of a
man who was expressing gratitude to God. These six verses contain, perhaps,
the shortest autobiography ever penned. The autobiography of a life that at
times reached the very pinnacle of devotion and service to God and, sadly, a
life that,at other times was heavily bogged down in sin, knew God.
In spite of the sins of David, for which he severely paid, we will have
to say that this is a man who loved the Lord. As he writes his autobiography
in six verses we see that:
A man who loves the Lord is a man who follows the Lord. "The Lord is my
shepherd." You can almost feel the nostalgia as David recalls those early
days when he was a shepherd, caring for the sheep of his father, living with
them, leading them to water, to grass, making them lie down in the heat of the
day in a beautiful, grass-covered meadow, protecting them from lions and bears,
from rain and cold, providing their every need. Those are the things David
had done for his sheep and he said, " ...

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