by Frank Pollard

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Nehemiah 2:1-4; Matthew 14:25-31
Luke 18:9-14
When you hear someone pray, you can almost always
tell, can't you, if she or he has had trouble.
I guess our prayer education is not really complete
until we come to a time, when in our great helplessness,
we depend totally on Him. Then we learn to pray.
Today, let's think about crisis prayers. About
those prayers offered in times when the heart within
you races with fear, or despair or utter helplessness.
The prayers you pray when you know there is simply no
one else to turn to but God.
Know for sure I'm not recommending that you see God
as some emergency Service to be called on only in crisis
hours. No. In fact your crisis time prayers will be
much more powerful if you keep the lines of communication
open all the time. That is, if you "pray without ceasing."
Our great God is never to be seen only as an emergency
God, or a magic God, nor a conveniency God for that matter.
He "never leaves us or forsakes us" and He wants us to keep
up our end of that constant relationship.
When wireless telegraphy was introduced, the letters
S.O.S. were chosen as an international code of distress
because those letters could be most easily transmitted
and recognized. Three dots, three dashes, and three
dots could be tapped out by the most inexperienced opera-
tor under the worst of conditions. Today, however,
ships and airplanes stay in constant contact with stations
that are manned at all hours. If trouble should arise,
a link with available help already exists. This is how
things should be between a Christian and his Lord.
In the Bible passages we have to study, three
different emergencies are described. The first related
to a man's heart desire, the second to physical danger,
and the third to spiritual need. In each case, a crisis
existed that could only be overcome with divine help.
How the plea for that help was voiced, and how the an-
swer came, s ...

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