by Frank Pollard

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John 8:26-31
Is there anything more desirable than freedom? It is a
great day when anyone is set free. Freedom is at stake in
the struggle for supremacy and world dominion. Yet, I fear
that neither side thinks enough about it. Our enemies don't
think about freedom because they've never experienced it.
They don't know what it is. We are so prone to take it for
granted and misuse it and thereby lose the thrill of it. W'Te
have been willing, as Americans, to fight to preserve our
freedom. We all need to remember the words of Dwight
Eisenhower: "A soldier's pack, in the findl choice, is not
as heavy as a prisoner's chain." Freedom is our greatest
And it is our heaviest responsibility. Freedom calls for
responsible living. Irresponsible use of freedom always
leads to the loss of freedom. Drive a car irresponsibly
and you soon lose the freedom to drive a car. You can live
as a citizen irresponsibly and eventually lose the Fre-dom
of responsible citizenship.
The responsibility of freedom is to preserve it. There is
nothing you can lose more quickly than freedom. As the
framers of our Constitution emerged from the meeting room
someone stopped Benjamin Franklin and asked: "What have you
/ (O -
given us?" He replied, "A Republic, if you know how to keep
We can never keep freedom unless we guarantee the same
freedom for everyone. The quickest way to lose freedom is
for some to assume the right to more freedom than others.
Many disturbing things are being said in the name of
freedom. Strange statements are made about freedom of
morality and freedom of speech. So much of what is being
called "freedom" today is nothing more than selfish, often
childish, irresponsibility. So it is vital that we under-
stand what freedom really is.
The eighth chapter of John gives us good guidance In
understanding freedom. Our Lord is attending the Feast of
-ho Net A1
Tabernacles. As they light that ...

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