by Frank Pollard

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John 8:3-11
This is a sermon for sinners: you who know you have sinned, begged
God for pardon, and soon committed the same sin again. If you have
done some wrongs, repented for it and repeated the sin, it is your
hearing I seek today.
This scriptural episode of Christ's dealings with the woman caught
in the act of sinning spotlights the character of God which is
biblically consistent. How wrong it is to think of Him as a God who
regards sin lightly, forgiving us when we casually ask Him to because,
after all, it's His business to forgive sin. Not so! He takes sin
seriously and never dismisses it lightly. He hates sin because He
loves people, and sin never helps people. It always hurts them. He is
not some cosmic tyrant who is mad at you because you broke His rules.
If the life of Christ tells us anything about God, it is that He is
totally unconcerned with needless rules, especially religious ones. He
is a loving God who knows that the force which causes you to break more
rules is the cause of all the agony, disease and death in this world.
Because He loves you, He doesn't take lightly that which makes your
life miserable, apprehensive, and temporary - when He intends it to be
abundant, joyous, and eternal.
When this woman was forcefully ushered into the presence of
Christ, she probably had the same attitude you and I have when we are
caught red-handed. She- may have at first protested that there waas
nothing really wrong with what she had done. After all, why should
society decide what two consenting adults should do? It is the normal
pattern of human pride to react, when confronted with our sins, with
more anger than sorrow. I'm sure she was frightened. It's true the
chances were remote that they'd really stone her to death, but they
were talking about it. Then shame crept in, tardy as usual. Shame
always seem to arrive late, but it stays longer.
What a strange mixture of que ...

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