by Frank Pollard

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Luke 19:1-10
From the word of God, Luke's Gospel, chapter 19 verses 1 through
10, we read of our Lord tearing down some Jericho walls. If possible,
ready the passage with me.
When you think of Jericho, what do you think of first? In Vacation
Bible School I first studied the sixth chapter of Joshua, and ever since
have had in my head a vivid picture of the giant city walls tumbling
down. Therefore when ever I think of Jericho I think of falling walls.
As our Lord Christ was on His way to die on the cross for you and
me, He passed through Jericho. There He met two men who had invisible
but strong and separating walls around them, closing out so much of life's
good. So, in a pause on the way to Calvary, Jesus tore down some Jericho
walls. In fact, every where He goes, now as well as then, He finds
people with these walls built around them and He tears down the walls that
separate us and uses the rubble to build bridges to God and to other people.
Entering the city, just outside the gate they confronted a man named
Bartimaeus. Now, Bartimaeus had a wall around him. Other people had built
that wall because they made a terrible mistake. They thought you measured
a person by what he had. Since Bartimaeus didn't have anything they thought
he wasn't worth anything. So they built a wall around him and shut him out
from the rest of the world.
When Jesus stopped and ministered to Bartimaeus He was saying: "This
is a worthy human being." Remember how He said in Mark 8:36 that one life
is worth more than all the world's stuff? Christ tore down that wall around
Bartimaeus and built bridges out of the rubble so that he could live and be
loved by the people around him.
Then Jesus and His disciples went on into the city. By now a great
crowd had flocked around Him. People were saying wonderful things. I
wonder if people collected autographs in that day?
Outside the gate He had ministered to one of ...

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