by Frank Pollard

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Luke 16:19-31
Jesus had a great deal to say about hell. His favorite
teaching aid was this Valley of Hinnom, Jerusalem's garbage
dump and most hated place.
It is quite significant that in the New Testament
Jesus narrates a detailed description of a man who went
to hell. What happens when a man goes to hell? What kind
of person goes to hell? Why does anyone go to hell? What
does he take with him? What does he leave behind?
What kind of person goes to hell?
Any kind can. Equal opportunity is the rule of the
day for both heaven and hell.
This man happened to be a very successful man. The
Pharisees had been laughing at the idea that it is more
important to love God than gold. In reply to their attitude,
Jesus told this actual story of a poor little rich man.
He enjoyed high living in his brief stay on earth.
Jesus described him as wearing the best of clothing and
'living it up" every day.
Another thing we notice about this man -- He was not
aware of suffering around him. In the street by the entrance
to his estate lay Lazarus, a poor beggar. He was not only
penniless and hungry but so, so ill and infested with skin
sores he couldn't shoo away the dogs that pestered him.
And this flamboyant tycoon, who had enough vision to be
successful in stupendous proportions in the business world,
did not have a vision of compassion to see or help a poor,
sick beggar lying at his gate.
What kind of man was this? He was a man who died.
We'll all do that, and it's foolish to tell ourselves that
if we don't talk about it, it won't happen. There are
people who dig holes in the ground to protect from storms
that may come or bombs that may fall, yet consider it grossly
distasteful when confronted with the suggestion they prepare
for death. Man has learned to conquer speed, ignorance,
the depth of the sea, and the vastness of space; yet he
has not learned to conquer time. Time is our great enemy.

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