by Frank Pollard

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Hope For the Broken Family
Luke 6:27-36
A few years ago a seminary professor, not our brand, worked up a
sermon about love. Everywhere he went, he preached his sermon about
love. In a church one day, a couple got in the way of that sermon
and asked him, "Would you talk to our daughter? She's nineteen, an
alcoholic and out of control." It was arranged. The professor said:
"When I first saw her I thought, "young lady, if you're feeling all
right, would you please tell your face?" She was totally unhappy
with a very large attitude. They met several times. He listened to
her and the more he listened the more assured he was that she was the
most self-centered person he had ever met. Totally unloving and
uncaring. One day he decided to confront her with her self-centered
attitude. "You know what you need? You need a Capernacan
Revolution. You need to learn that the world doesn't revolve around
you. You live in a world where the population is one." The girl
stomped out of his office.
A month later a psychiatrist came to lecture at the seminary.
After the meeting the professor asked the psychiatrist "how do you
get people to love - not to be self-centered?"
"Why do you ask that question?"
The professor told about the girl.
"I don't think you can get people to love", said the
psychiatrist. "It's a decision of the will and a commitment people
must decide to and commit themselves to it. But if you really wanted
to help that young lady learn to love, you did it exactly wrong."
"How's that?"
"Did you ever have a tooth ache?"
"Well yes."
"What did you think about when you had a toothache."
"Well, I thought about me."
"Who else?"
"A dentist."
"That's right. When you're hurting, you can't think about
anyone else except yourself and someone you think might can help you
get rid of the pain. That girl was hurting. When she came to you,
you were nice and she said to herself, "maybe this is the one who can
relieve m ...

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