by Frank Pollard

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Mark's Gospel declared to all that Jesus Christ is
good news. Luke's Gospel also proclaims the salvation Christ
offers and makes it unmistakably clear that this good news
is for everyone!
When the angel addressed the shepherds, who were shaking
more from fright than the winter's cold, he said: "Fear not:
for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall
be to all people." (2:10).
When Joseph and Mary brought the eight day old Christ
child to the temple for the rite of circumcision, they were
confronted by Simeon, a holy and devout man. The Holy Spirit
had promised Simeon he would see the Lord's Christ before he
died. Taking Jesus in his arms he praised God, thanking Him
for the salvation that Christ would bring to all people, both
Gentile and Jew. (2:25-32). The gospel of Luke ends by quoting
the Saviour's great commission, ordering that the good news
must be preached "among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem."
Luke, the one commissioned of God's Holy Spirit to write
this book and the book of Acts, is known as "the beloved
physician". He was a companion of the Apostle Paul on his
missionary journeys. In the letter to the Colossians Paul gives
him this fitting title. (Col. 4:14). It is soon apparent that
Luke is an extraordinary man. He is one of those "ten
talent" people who committed all of himself to our Lord.
He was an accurate and authoratative historian. He is a
writer of rare literary ability. He is a theologian as
well as a missionary physician. As you and I read the gos-
pel of Luke we find him to be a Christian physician with wide
and tender sympathies. He cares about people. He has an
absorbing human interest.
In Luke's Gospel we are exposed to the great part that
prayer played in the life of our Lord Christ. Some have
called Luke the gospel of prayer. He tells us of seven occa-
sions when our Lord Christ prayed before making critical de-

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