by Frank Pollard

Can You Trust An Angel?
Frank Pollard
Luke 2:8-14

On a windy, winter's night a couple of thousand years ago, give
or take a few, some shepherds were guarding their sheep. They'd
rather have been at home, with loved ones around a fire, but it
was the kind of world in which unguarded sheep disappeared. Some
song writer fancied it as a "Silent Night, Holy Night," where all
was calm and bright. But he wasn't there and history and common
sense tell us it wasn't that kind of night at all. It was a night
noisy with the sounds of hate and hurt. It was an unholy night in
which people were fighting and killing, stealing, and using other
people for their own pleasure or gain.

Because it was an unsilent, unholy, uncalm and dark night, what
the angel said was more startling even than his being there. In a
world which needed good news desperately he talked of good
tidings of great joy for everyone. The angel announced the birth
of Christ, told them how to find Him, and was immediately joined
by a cast of hundreds from heaven who praised God and promised
peace and good will on Earth. You can trust an angel, can't you?
An angel, especially the Angel of the Lord, wouldn't lie to us,
would he? "Then where," some would ask, "is all the great joy and
peace? We've been looking for it for two thousand years. Where is
it?" Some believe the song writer who penned: "For hate is strong
and mocks the song of Peace on Earth, Good Will to men," had his
head screwed on a little better than the silent, holy night guy.

God's word to you is that you can trust the angel. If you've
missed the peace Christ brings it's because you've been looking
in the wrong place and you've been looking for the wrong thing.

We miss the peace the angel talked about because we look for it
in the wrong place.

We can rob ourselves of the peace of God by our sinful actions.
It is a tribute to our adversary, old "Red Legs," that most
everyone in Americ ...

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