by Frank Pollard

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Luke 2:8-20
Do you ever think that maybe someone fouled up
the invitation list to the birth of the Messiah? For
years the day of the birth of Christ had been planned.
It was a red letter day on God's calendar. Now the
time had arrived. Galatians 4:4 says it like this:
"B-ut whern- the time had fully come, God sent His Son-"
It's a big event. Right? Who should be invited?
We wonder why Heaven's public relations and advertising
department seems to be so inept. God doesn't promote
Himself like we would. If some of us were in charge
of PR in heaven, every giant redwood tree, every dogwood
blossom and sunset would bear a specially designed logo:
"Courtesy of the Heavenly Father and Company." And
Jesus would not have been born in secret with only some
shepherds invited.
But God is not like us. God's ways are very strange
to us. After all, we're from a different culture than
His. We have different values. When we become citizens
of the Heavenly Host, too many of us are like the tongue-
speaking priestesses of Corinth. We bring much of our
past on into the Kingdom of God and try to make it fit.
You and I are invited to Bethlehem. That's why
this story is in the Bible. We are to identify with
those shepherds. The invitation carries the same implica-
tions for us as it did for them.
Hang your thoughts on these hooks, would you?
A word of invitation has been extended to you. Hear
the word of invitation. Heed the word of invitation
and herald the word of invitation.
Don't be afraid of the invitation. What God wants
for you is good. So many are afraid to open up to God
as though He were out to hurt us. Not so!
Most of the time you can stumble into the very
presence of God, sort of lounge in the pew and rub elbows
with the Almighty and never know it. But on some days
you sense His presence. Because of a combination of
the hurt of your heart and th-e lov- ...

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