by Frank Pollard

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Mark 6 - John 6
At this time for the followers of Christ,
the stress scale must have been very high. They
had just experienced the trauma of losing John
the Baptist at the hand of wicked Herod. It is
now worded that Herod has his eye on them, and
they are tired. They've been doing a great deal.
This is the time of our Lord's greatest popularity.
There is seldom a moment new that they were not
called upon to do some ministry. There was
always a crowd around, a constant sea of people
with wave after wave of hurting humanity bringing
their disease; bodies, shattered dreams and
empty lives to Christ. They were tired.
Our Lord saw the fatigues and said, "We
need to go to a lonely place and rest awhile."
So, they got in their boat, and they began
to go across the sea of Galilee.
Now, the sea of Galilee is really just a
big lake. The people on the shore could see
them. They guessed the point at which the
boat would land and ran there probably collecting
a crowd of others while on the way. When Christ
got to what He thought would be a lonely and
desolate place, thousands of people were waiting
for Him.
You know, we hear a lot of things about how
churches are to be located properly. I suppose
tam that's true, but we need to never lose sight
of the fact that the best place for a church to
be is where Jesus is. Wherever Christ is, the
people are going to come to Him, because He came
to meet their needs. It was because He was there
that they came by the thousands to this desolate
"Jesus saw them," says the Bible, "and had
compassion on them." You and I might have acted
differently, after all he had come to this place
to rest. But, He wasn't irritated, He didn't
complain, saying, "Can't a guy get a little rest2."
He loved them, He had compassion on them because
they were like sheep without a shepherd.
Sheep without a shepherd. That's a sad
picture. A man with a seaman's backgro ...

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