by Frank Pollard

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Exodus 3
Have you noticed that everytime something
is done, somebody did it? Have you ever had that
glimpse of glory that whispers -- other people
are doing great tings, making things happen, why
not me? Well, why not?
In every organization, especially in the
Church of our Lord Jesus Christ there are three
kinds of people-- those who make things happen,
those who watch things happen and those who don't
even know anything is happening.
Canada and Switzerland combined couldn't
hold all the spiritual draft dodgers whose names
are on the church rolls but have lost their way
down life's tiresome and dusty detours. They
are tired, bored, scared and lonely. They
frantically seek happiness in bottles, pills,
thrills and games. They have found that the world's
pick-me-ups always letsthem down. Some of these
people come to church, sit through a nervously
clocked hour of religious entertainment, often
find that it is not very entertaining and plod
out the back door thinking, "I didn't get anything
out of that." Inscribe this indelibly on your
heart -- as long as you are laaking for a cheap
kick, so long as you approach everything from
the stand poinmt of what you are going to get
out of it, then my friend, you will miss life.
You will never make things happen, you won't
even have the ability to see things happen, you
will walk right by a million miracles and not even
know anything is happening.
Also in the church are those who watch
things happen. Content to be spectators
they are happy to see the victories, and crushed
by the defeats. They are definitely on the Lord's
side. They sit in the stands, wave their pennants
and give three cheers for Jesus.
All the while our Lord is calling us to the
field, pleading with us to put on the equipment
and get in the game.
And there are the folk of faith who make
things happen. How do you get to be the kind of
person God uses? How do you c ...

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