by Frank Pollard

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Genesis 39
If it fell your lot to choose a person to fill the most important
position of leadership in your land, what kind of person would you look
for? If somehow it became your responsibility to be that person, what
characteristic, what personal character trait would you pray for?
I think the word to describe what would be needed is "integrity."
Basically, the word means wholeness. In mathematics, an integer is a
number that isn't divided into fractions. Just so, a man of integrity
isn't divided against himself. He doesn't think one thing and say
another, so it's virtually impossible for him to lie. He doesn't
believe one thing and do another so he's not in conflict with his own
principles. It's the absence of inner warfare that gives one an extra
energy of clarity of thought.
The most beautiful thing about God's revelation is the wonderful
way He dresses His truth in personality. In twelves chapters of
Genesis, He lines out in unmistakable clarity what integrity looks
like. Integrity lived in a man named Joseph whom God used to save
several nations from starvation. Now Joseph, like many great men, did
not have an impressive family background. In fact, it was
underwhelming. His grandfather, Laban, and his father, Jacob, were
known as the slickest underhandedness dealers in the east. Neither was
a man you would ever buy a used camel from. Joseph watched the
relationship between his father and grandfather totally deteriorate.
He experienced that stressful flight in which his father was running
from the anger of Laban straight into a confrontation with Esau, a
brother he had cheated. Esau had made a vow to kill Jacob. Perhaps in
the context of that dilemma seeing what problems his father's trickery
had caused, Joseph decided that honesty is the best policy, perhaps the
only one if you want to survive.
There were some positive experiences on that trip. Joseph watched
his father come back from the ...

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