by Frank Pollard

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Praying for Others
Genesis 18:16-33
One of the great leaders of the church in the fourth century was a
man named Augustine. He was not always a godly person. In his early
years Augustine was a warm-blooded and carefree young man, eagerly
pursuing all the pleasures and thrills of the pagan world in which he
lived. He wandered recklessly and restlessly trying to find a meaningful
existence for the living of his days. He wandered from his home in North
Africa to seek the culture and learning in Italy.
According to a reliable tradition, Augustine's conversion came
when a child gave him a tract which contained a portion of Romans 13:13.
He sought further help with Ambrose, the great preacher in Milan. Soon
after Augustine's conversion he gave his life with an amazing commitment
to the Lord. He became the leading preacher, thinker, and Christian of
his day. His confessions, written abomt Atw- 4QOO is a milestone in the
record of man's life with God.
A significant fact for us to note is that, among the forces that
shaped Augustine's life, Augustine emphasized the influence and unceasing
intercessory prayer of his mother, Monica. From the beginning of
Augustine's life Monica offered continuous prayer for her son. According
to the records of Augustine, she prayed night and day that her son might
find his way to the church. She prayed in the loneliness of her home.
She prayed, weeping upon- the share as kugustine sailed for Italy against
her wishes. Monica expected God to respond to her prayers and act in the
life of her son. She practiced intercessory prayer.
Abraham had a faith which motivated him to practice intercessory
prayer. Abraham learned about the deplorable moral conditions in Sodom
and Gomorrah. God told Abraham of the tragic moral circumstances. He
learned that God was ready to destroy those wicked cities. "'I must go
down to find out whether or not the accusations which I have heard are
true"' (Gene ...

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