by Frank Pollard

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Genesis 15:1
Have you ever been scared? I don't mean frightened; I mean
scared. And did your fear come after the thing that scared you
was past?
Coming into my hometown from the direction of Tonk
Valley, there was a double curve down a grade which dropped
about thirty feet. It was a rugged little stretch of road. By
mountain people's standards, it was tame. By Texas standards,
it was steep and treacherous. In 1953, when gasoline was
twenty-nine cents a gallon, automobiles had big V-8 engines and
much higher centers of gravity. Many more cars per capita
rolled over then than now. Four of us were returning from a
church league softball game at Tonk Valley and we came into that
treacherous stretch of two-lane highway at an unacceptable rate
of speed. While our softball playing had not been too swift,
our pace of travel was. We suddenly found ourselves going
downhill almost out of control trying not to roll over while
also barely keeping the car out of the deep ditches on either
side of the road. Strangely enough, this activity occupied our
minds so much that no fear set in during the ride. But when we
got to the bottom and coasted the car to a stop, we all seemed
to lose the blood in our faces, one the food in his stomach. I
looked at my hands and they were shaking. All of this came
after the danger was over.
In chapter 14 of Genesis, we learn that Abram had taken a
small force of well-trained men, followed an army all the way
past Damascus and in a daring nighttime raid, routed the army,
rescued the people they had captured and recovered the goods
they had stolen.
Now he is back home and fear sets in. He may have thought:
"What have I done? I have made five kings my enemies. While my
men surprised and routed them, they have the power to come
against me and strongly defeat me.
Our text, in Genesis 15:1, states:
After this, the word of the Lord came to Abram in
a vision. "Do not be ...

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