by Frank Pollard

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Genesis 12:1-9
The glory of history is in its pioneers. A pioneer is one who
goes before, as into the wilderness, preparing the way for others to
follow. Throughout the record of human history pioneers have opened the
doors for new adventures in living. Christopher Colombus sailed from
Spain over untraveled oceans to find a new world. Thomas Edison prepared
the way for the profitable use of electricity. The Wright Brothers with
their simple flying machine prepared the way for others to follow. Both
American and Russian astronauts prepared the way for travel to the moon.
Pioneers prepare the way for others to follow. They go out ahead to
follow the claims that had not been expressed before. The pioneers
demonstrate what life's optimum could be.
The story of Abraham is that of a pioneer in faith. He belonged
to the company of the daring, but his courage came from a relationship
with God. Through God's call to Abraham, a new chapter began in the
Lord's dealing with human beings. God was establishing a covenant people
to be his chosen instrument for redemption in the world. God was indeed
doing a new thing.
Abraham's pioneer spirit started in the land of Ur of the
Chaldees. While he was living comfortably in the land, the Lord issued
him a call. "The Lord said to Abraham, 'Leave your native land, your
relatives, and your father's home, and go to a country that I am going to
show you'" (Genesis 12:1 TEV). The call to leave his native land and to
proceed to another land was a difficult command. It meant leaving family
and friends. It meant leaving the security of a walled city to go to the
vulnerability of the open country. It meant substituting the unknown for
the known. Nonetheless, Abraham had a great adventure spirit, and he
decided to obey the Lord's command. "When Abram was seventy-five years
old, he started out from Haran, as the Lord had told him to do; and Lot
went with him" (Genes ...

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