by Frank Pollard

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Matthew 25:31ff
We hear a lot of talk about life's highway. maybe that's
what it is, a one way road where sometimes the scenery is d-*aa,
dull, and we almost go to sleep at the wlieel; then all of a
sudden the next curve brines some surprise scenery, somhc
good thing we never suspected, On life's road there are bum,
jarring us to our breaking point; there are detours of doubt
and quite often we find ourselves following in the samie ruts
that led others to get stuck in the mud of senseless living.
Maybe it is alright to talk of life as a highlw^ay. Jesus
s-tatep--d 0De c-y- th-at !l- wva-s- th-e o-r'y -way, the only rea-l
to the riches of eternity.
If life is a road then Christ is corrtinu-ally sayin-g, 'I
want to tell you what is on down the road -- farther tihan; you
can see right now. I want to prepare you for what is cofiin-,
for what you simply cannot avoid."
Christ tells us here of the fact of facing God. All roads
do not lead to heaven but all roads do lead to judgment. Tbe
parable of the sheep and goat juidgrlent is the last in a ser i- es
Christ was telling to encourage the saved an(d wearn the lost
of the road ahead.
In Matthew 24 He spole of the facr that the coming of the
Son of Man would be when the worlud as noot expecting it anui
that it would mean judgment upon men. FHe used as an illustra-
tion the experience of the people of the day of Noah. People
in that day were eating, drinking, marrying and giving in
marriage until the day Noah entered the ark4. They ignored
impending judgment until the flood came and took them away.
The emphasis appears to be that they were so involved in the
ordinary things of everyday life they were not expecting
anything unusual. Even though Noah preached to them of God's
judgment, even though every blow of his hammer was a warning
that judgment was coming, they were so involved in ordinary
affairs that they paid no attention to the com ...

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