by Frank Pollard

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Matthew 22:15-22
One day the enemies of Christ came to Him
with a trick question. In sickly hypocrisy they
prefaced them queary by saying, "We know you are
true. You speak the truth of God and would never
give a shallow political answer to any question.
We like you because you tell it like it is!" Then
came their well thought out question designed to
give Him trouble no matter how lie answered: "Is
it lawful to give a poll tax to Ceasar or not?"
He knew what they were doing. Told them so.
They made sure that in that crowd were Jewish people
who were morally opposed to paying that tax and some
others called "lierodians" who would recommend in a
minute the arrest of anyone who refused to do so.
His answer, which sent those co-conspirators
back to the drawing board was this: "Then render
to Ceasar the things that are Ceasar's and to
God the things that are God's." It isn't an
obligation to either God or nation, there is an
obligation to both God and nation.
To "render" means to [)ay, which means there
is a debt, an obligation. One of the first signs
of maturity is an awareness of obligation, of
indebtedness. When a person begins to see, "I
am not a little island all to myself, I am a part
of my family, my society, my Christ. I am not
here just to receive but to pay." Ah, those are
the sounds of growing up!
Tod-ay we- address what it means to be_a
Christian citizen. To discharge our obligations,
as citizens of God's kingdom and as citizens of
the United States of America.
God's Word makes it crystal clear that we
must give our primary allegiance to God. We are
called to call all people to faith in Christ.
We must not worship America, we worship
nothing or no one but our blessed Lord. But we
love America and because we love it want to
witness to our land.
Political observers have long said, though
few have listened, that though there is no
evidence that Christianity is dependent u ...

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