by Frank Pollard

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In the past five years I've had twenty-three
hundred one-to-one encounters with people in counselling
and from those encounters, I have gone through the
trauma of divorce with many.
It's one of those things that happens in this
society -- it's a wreck on lftfe's highway. When a
wreck happens you send an ambulance, not a firing
squad, and the church of our Lord Christ is always
involved in redemptiveness, not in criticism and not
in hurting. But divorce is one of life's tragedies
and I think we need to look at what God's Word has to
say about marriage, about divorce, and to face it
frankly and face it head on.
In talking with people who are planning to get
married, I always say: "Look, I don't take money
for doing weddings, but what you do have to do is
to come and see me and listen to me talk." A lot
of people would rather pay money. When we get
together for that conference, we always talk about
several things. I tell them that they are about
to get into a large adjustment, things are going
to be different than they think they will.
Now, I recommend marriage. I have been
married twenty-four years. I love it. It gets
better all the time. I'd much rather be married
than single. I am for it. I like it, but proper
preparation must be made. You know, after the
first six weeks the strains of the wedding march die
out and now the song is, "Work For the Night is
Coming." A girl who used to sink in his arms has
would up with her warms in his sink. Life -1s
a bit different, than anticipated.
There are many, many adjustments to make. One
of the greatest problems and by far the largest
that people have in making a home work, is money
management. It seems that folks get involved when
they first marry in buying too many things without
the money to buy it with. They get involved in credit
and get caught up in carrying charges and literally
rob from themselves $18-$25 of every $100.0 ...

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