by Frank Pollard

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Matthew 6:1-18
To folk who love humor, a story doesn't have to be all
that funny. It just needs to make the attempt. Such a tale
portrays a concerned mother of young twin sons. One was so
optomistic he was unreal. The other was so pessimistic he was
unbearable. This anxious mother visited a psychologist.
"Doctor," she asked, "can you help me with my boys? Can
you balance them up a little??'
"Try this," suggested the doctor. "On their birthday give
the little pessimist every good toy he has ever hinted at
wanting. Fulfill his every dream. For the optimist, go to a
farmer's barnyard, scoop up a large boxful of the' extra
terrestrial material found there and let that be his gift."
On their birthday the gloomy pessimist sat in the living
room, surrounded by a bicycle, roller skates, video games,
and much more. "What a terrible birthday," he moaned. "My
folks gave me this bicycle. If I ride it, I'll fall and hurt
myself. All these other things will be broken in a month and
I won't have anything to play with."
In the backyard, surrounded by gleeful neighborhood friends,
the little optimist was digging through his box. "Wow, what a
birthday!" he said. "I haven't found it, yet, but I think
I've got a pony!"
Well, there is a need for balance in our attitudes. It is
vital for us to have balance in our spiritual life. In the
Sermon on the Mount, our Lord presents a plea for spiritual
balance in living.
In chapter five He calls for a visible, "to be seen," kind
of righteousness. "Let your right living be as visible as a
city on a hill, as light shining in the darkness." The kind
of visible right living God orders for His followers is in
relationships with other people. A Christian outlives the
pagan world by a life of uncompromising devotion to vows made
and unswerving actions prompted by love and good wishes, e-Cffi
for an enemy. He encourages us to let our religion be as
visible a ...

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